Inspiration in a fantasy name generator


A few years ago, I heard about websites that came out with a random story titles and I thought that was such an intriguing idea. I obviously had to test it out immediately.

I can’t remember what word jumble I got, but I remember they sent me on real creative trips. If two incongruous words are put together you can’t help building a story around them, explore what you can come out with, create a mini film in your mind. Some titles would evoke feelings or scenes, some whole stories, but none left me indifferent.

5 years later I am surprised I never did anything out of those idea buds, but I suppose I already had many ideas of my own I wanted to explore in depth. My problem is more my lack of time than my lack of material. I have whole notebooks of ideas waiting for me to take the time to do something out of them. But those title generator really do titillate my creativity.

I couldn’t remember the generators I played with at the time but a quick google search offered me new ones. Why? Because I felt like I wasn’t drowning yet under my own projects. And also because someone asked me for help to get started on writing… and I remembered those generators, and thought that maybe some other people out there wanted to write but didn’t quite know where to start.

So to everyone that is trying to relax through writing, or that needs an initial direction to kick them into action, I think those might give you answers.

Some titles I got through generators are:

How lies should hurt

The Darkest Silver

Green souls

Invisible streams

The only boy

Servants of flame

The sent of waves

The missing heart

And the title generator I looked at were:

My favourit generator is:

This is actually an abstract art title generator but it comes out with great stuff. Much more creative and intriguing than the above. Things like this:

Impression of Repulsive Intensity

Shimmering Movement

Manifesto of Instant Element

Absentminded Sister of Sorrow

And one day I’d like to tryout that one:

But I hate signing up for things so I might put that task on hold forever.

Image designed by Freepik

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