My Book is out! Tosho is Dead

That’s it, my novel is out, a young adult fantasy of 300 pages. Fast paced and strange with lovable characters and best of all, set in the afterlife!

No idea how I’m going to promote it yet with my grand schedule of 10 min of “me time” a day, but I’m so happy to have it out. This has been on my mind for a while and the book 2 is already up to its first draft.

The plot you ask me?

Here it is:

Tosho is a 16-year-old boy desperate to prove to himself that he is a good person, especially after he is murdered, after he discovers he doesn’t have a soul, and after he makes friends and has to save them from a danger he brought with him…

There will be a FREE promotion this weekend ONLY. So get it then, have fun reading it, that’s the most important, I really want you to enjoy it 😀 And if you feel like it leave a recommendation, because that’s how other people will know to give it a chance.

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