Manga Review: All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Ryōsuke Takeuchi, Takeshi Obata

All you need is Kill, is a SF manga in a world where humanity is barely managing to hold back a savage and continuous alien invasion on Earth. Kaiji, the hero, dies on his first mission, but unexpectedly, he wakes up to relive that day, again, and again… I was given this manga by family which surprised me, it looked like a teen boy’s manga, but obviously I wanted to know what made them choose it for me, so I plunged in without even knowing what it was about. 

The drawings are detailed and very dynamic. Some of the characterisation is very cliche: especially the geeky mecha repairwoman, tiny, drawn in a cuter style than the rest of the book, looking like a highschooler with huge glasses. It’s a manga convention, but that’s the type of thing that always pulls me out. It’s so ridiculous. But that was really unlike the rest of the manga. The aliens on the other hand, are truly horrific and impressively detailed. And in general the setting is well laid out. 

What can I say? This is a surprisingly short manga, finished in just two volumes, which is vary rare. I am afraid it will not go much in depth character development wise and that is a shame – the idea in this manga, I believe, could have been developed a lot more. The story is intriguing and I do want to know where it will take the reader, so I intend to continue the series, but I am disappointed in a way because I feel it is going to stay on a very action driven plot course. I just hope it will manage to wrap up all the major questions by the end of volume 2.

For the time being I really recommend it to people who liked the film “Edge of Tomorrow”, as this is the manga the film was based on. It’s full of action and a real page turner for action SF fans. I personally love that type of “game over” time loop plot device, like in “Run Lola Run” and always get curious about the whys and hows.

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