Cinderella Retelling: A New Adult Dark Historical Fantasy

Ready to spy on my new project? I am currently working on a new story titled

Cinderella Won’t Die in the Dark

Catchy isn’t it? But what is it about? Just read the quick blurb bellow to find out!

1640s, Massachusetts, Saabeth is a slave, preyed on for her beauty, but she has a plan to get her freedom. A new Lord is in town, from the old world, and he is inviting all the eligible maidens in the colony for a once in a lifetime ball. The price is his hand. And Saabeth will be there, serving with her brother, but ready to turn the table round. Except they hadn’t counted on one thing. There might be more in the night than just slave catchers. What if the Lord had brought fanged monsters with him from that old world?

And best of all? I am offering this story free, in weekly instalments on Wattpad! I will be publishing every week one of the 23 chapters, that’s the full novella.

This story is many things, like people who read me have noticed over and over, I love mashup of genres, so you’ll find a historical paranormal dark fantasy fairytale here, for mature YA or New Adult readers. The themes addressed in Cinderella Won’t Die in the Dark are difficult, but it’s also about friendship and helping people out and having drive. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but this is a story about tolerance – fighting for everyone’s freedom and equality in society and is LGBTQA friendly.

For people who read my first book, you will meet some of the side characters, and discover how they became what they are in Tosho is Dead. But don’t worry if you haven’t, this is a stand alone story and you don’t have to worry about knowing any of the lore or what happened previously, as this is a far earlier prequel.

And please do tell me what you think! Don’t hesitate to comment, point what you like or don’t like, it helps me grow. I might have also made some mistakes (super blush here) so I would love your help to make this story really shine.

So without further ado, I give you my first Chapter of Cinderella Won’t die in the Dark!

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