Review of quirky Martian Ghost Centaur by Mat Heagerty

Martian Ghost Centaur is a tongue in cheek slice of life New Adult graphic novel. I had no idea what to expect from the cover, there was something definitely going on in the imagination arena which got me on board, and I liked the cute character design so I gave it a go, stepping into the waters blindly.

The story features recently graduated Louie, the greatest supporter of her sasquatch-sighting-previously-famous country town and a whole cast of sweet and slightly off beat characters. The goal is to save the dying town from being brought up by corporations and becoming a soulless place. The whole tone of the comic is very upbeat and perky, making me think it was like the big sister of a My Little Pony cartoon. It’s very LGBT friendly (the two dads of Louis are adorable). The feel of the book is trendy and at the same time poking its tongue at trends, airbnb strange couch seekers, youtube stars have an oscillating representation, and the techy bad-guy is really a toddler in the body of a grown man. The messages of “your job doesn’t define you, your passion and authenticity does” is cute and one young people probably need as they struggle leaving home, learning new things and trying to figure out who they want to become.

The point is to poke gentile fun and run around a lot. The story is full of events keeping the reader entertained. It wasn’t quite for me, but I’m sure lots will love the silliness and aloofness of it, it’s charmingly childish, and I recommend it for fans of the cutesy rainbowy “Youtube poop” culture.

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