Technological Warning and SF Romance

Imagine a world where you can teleport wherever you want in microseconds, too good to be true? Maybe. “Paris 2119” by Zep and Dominique Bertail is a SF graphic novel showing us a world of teleportation modules, what it makes us gain, and what we lose.

There is nothing very new in this comic, I’m pretty sure I read the exact same main plot mystery in a classic SF book, I can’t seem to remember what book or perhaps short story or film or manga, but it felt so familiar I was a little impatient with the main characters for taking so long to figure it out. It is a chilling tale made to think about what it means to be a human being. Big SF readers might be disappointed, they will want more, but casual readers who like to crunch on interesting thoughts should really like it. I mean this is the type of thoughts we need to think about for the future of humanity. This is very much a warning tale of anticipation.

What made the story stand out was perhaps it’s love story… a bit like in Brazil, love is what makes harsh lives palatable.

The pictures are extremely pleasant and readable, not my style, I prefer more personal drawings, but should appeal to most. The colours are wonderful and really give life to the drawing.

This is a very quick read, I would have liked more to ponder in it, I must admit it felt a little too rehashed, but it is a solid work and cannot be faulted for people who encounter that teleportation twist for the first time.

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