So Relatable Cute Snapshots of life

What’s Up, Beanie? by Alina Tysoe is an adorable collection of one page comic strips about her explaining her life to her child self. I found myself relating so much, smiling a whole bunch and loved cuddling my son on my knees while we read it together… he informed me, as a knowledgeable 5 year old, that this couldn’t be for me, but was meant to be read by him… so he was the one reading them aloud, which added an incredible dimension of cuteness to this book.

I hadn’t known what to expect from the comic, I often go in blind, trusting book covers and reading diagonally through the 4th cover. I kind of like the surprise, so I plunged in thinking it would be about a mother and her young kid… it wasn’t, it really is a work answering the age-old question, would the child me be disappointed by what I became? This comic book looks at it in such a way as to uplift, remind you to enjoy the little things in life, enjoy family, appreciate your other half, stay genuine… It is really a lovely read.

The drawings are very cute, cartoony with lots of big soulful eyes full of feels and many many puppies. I loved the pink hair and energy and candidness of the main character. We just want to cuddle her, she is so full of love, bounciness and self doubt, no matter what age. Her family is wonderful too and seem just like the dream kind everyone would love to have grown with.

I recommend this comic for fans of the “Cul de Sac” comic strips by Richard Thompson and female comic bloggers like Penelope Bagnieu – thought “What’s up Beanie” takes out all the vulgarity and only keeps the kawaii.

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