Not so wicked adventures, a tame comic

Comic work is always hard to judge because not everyone laughs at the same thing. I’m sad to say Wicked Epic Adventures by Will Henry wasn’t for me.

The punch line of those comic strips was just a little lacking for my taste. I picked it up with a lot of expectation because it was described as the heir of Calvin & Hobbes, I am an unconditional fan of that masterpiece, so I knew it was a tall order. But I expected to find maybe a brother to Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson, which is fantastic and also has a good place on my shelves…

Sadly this collection only just managed to make me smile 3 times. The characters just didn’t talk to me that much and were pretty one dimensional with each only one obsession in mind. I guess even in comic strips I like my characters a little more fluffed out. I was also hoping for a little more existential questioning that is everywhere in Calvin & Hobbes. I can say I would give a lot to see someone manage a work that is so meaningful and I will forever seek a comic that can fulfil that hole left.

I think this might talk to other parents or people with different childhood memories from mine. One the plus side it is very clean and suitable for all ages. I can totally imagine giving it to my grandfather as a Christmas gift and am pretty sure he would like it.

The book is coming out the 23rd of March 2021

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