What if hamsters were the lead commandos of the world?

The Underfoot Vol. 2 by Ben Fisher and Emily Whitten is really of the same quality as the first installment. A lot of action, emotional rollercoasters, and best of all: character growth. I think I liked this second volume better than the first and only regret that the main plot is still unresolved and leaves us on a big cliffhanger.

In this volume it is the genetically incensed insects that make their appearance and they are obviously plotting something very big with the “scales” ie the reptiles. Our various group of hamsters have to join forces for a bigger than ever operation to save not only their colony, but possibly all life outside of the insect island.

The plot moves fast, with no lagging in the pace, lots of jumps between various involved parties trying to solve the big, very big problem, and always little jolts along the way keeping us on our toes: are they going to make it! Is the pup going to save him? Are the hummingbirds going to arrive on time? Are the adults going to understand what the younger set is saying?… you get the idea. This story jumps from multiple characters and you have to keep on your toes in case you’re not used to that type of quick storytelling. It is well done, especially with the human science inserts discreetly explaining what people did before they disappeared and why such and such creature ends up having a specific technology.

I liked that the humans are almost worshiped like gods, and their reason for disappearing is mysterious. It really makes for an interesting thread to follow and I do hope that the comic will deliver a good explanation. A solid comic for teens. 

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