What if magic was a curse that twisted your body into monstrous shapes?

Wynd Book One: Flight of the Prince by James Tynion IV is an odd fantasy comic mixing cute and dark. In fact, it gets very gloom despite its rounded colourful drawings. The stakes are very high in this teen book and people die a lot. So be warned, this might not be for the younger or more sensitive crowd. 

Why did I pick up this book?

When there is a hint of supernatural in a cute looking comic I admit I have trouble resisting. I can’t help wanting to flick through, get a look at it, immerse myself in a new world. And this world is well done and promises a lot of interesting stories. 

Good points?

There is all the good elements of a high fantasy chase, some a little too reheated, but a lot of nicely original ones too. The world is intriguing, the mystery of Wynd too, it’s very lgbt friendly and really encourages open-mindedness. The message is sweet and the illustrations are very pleasant but sadly I wasn’t much taken by the book…

Bad points?

The dialogues fell flat and boring – there was no conflict or drive in them. There is so much work on the world and the psychology of the characters that it’s a shame. This graphic novel could have been very good with less on the nose dialogue, more personality in each character’s voice and some kind of tension in there. In fact the young heros all had some back story, but still they felt like they answered the stereotypes too much. And that I think is all due to the dialogues which didn’t quite work. I feel like it’s a missed opportunity, but I look forward to seeing more of that author/illustrator’s work as he gains experience in his writing craft.

Who do I recommend this book to?

I recommend this book for teen boys in search of an adventure. If they enjoy Naruto (even though it is not as dense), or Compass South by Hope Larson, chances are they will love this one. 

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