Taking it slower

I reached my 100th blog post just 2 weeks ago, and I am so happy about it. I really worked hard despite everything at making this blog more alive, sharing my ideas and interests and hopefully giving good advice to people looking for their next read.

Now I’ll be taking things a little slower. Two posts a week have been quite time consuming and time is my most precious commodity. I just finished a 2nd novel, I started a new job, my daughter decided nighttime is not for sleeping anymore and I am truthfully exhausted. With the little time I have, I want to concentrate on my writing rather than scatter myself too much. I’m also enjoying the freedom of instagram, with less content and the visual appeal of words and books. I invite you to follow me @shockperfect21

And I hope to publish that next book before the end of the year. It first needs to get into the hands of a few beta-readers, my editor, and for me to get a pretty cover. It’s so exciting!

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