Hello, I’m Opal, an anthropologist who loves to invent rich characters, living amazing adventures, in worlds filled with their own cultures and rules. I have written many short stories and screenplays ranging from horror, to fantasy, to contemporary literature and science fiction. I hope to sweep you into a new universe, to make you dream and think. Please enjoy my world!

I have been having fun writing as long as I remember. At six years old, I already filled my father’s mathematician notebook with my uneven writing. Between working sessions, he could find the exciting adventures of Laika the space dog – which I had grandly embellished and entirely fictionalised. All my efforts were only mildly appreciated.

Thankfully, what I write now is much more appreciated by my audience and fellow writers!

While I loved books, my younger brother suffered from dyslexia and hated reading. It was hard, frustrating and a chasm grew between him and his classmates. After years of struggle, he slowly turned his back on formal education, rejecting school. I did the only thing I could think of to help him out: I wrote a story specifically for him.

After all, who knew him better than I?

I thought up a main character I was sure he would like, created a fantasy world and mapped out a wild adventure with impossible stakes. In fact this is how Tosho was born. And it worked. My brother’s interest piqued, he demanded each chapter like a serial and pushed himself to get to the end.

That’s when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

I strive to entertain, to bring people into the marvellous world of stories and discover in pages people both like them and unlike them, so as to think on questions they would not have necessarily asked themselves. I like to give different perspectives, make the everyday more extraordinary and at the same time show that the “other” might not be so different.

If you are curious about other aspects of my writing, how I get my ideas and such, keep reading below to find out even more.

– Live 1h interview podcast by Ollia Georges on Happy Hour with Ollia, idFM 98.0FM – Radio Enghien (Listen to the podcast here)

– Interview by Erin Underwood on Underwords Press (Read here)

– Interview by Bitten by Books (Read here)

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