– ‘Execution Under the Midday Moon’, read by Grayska Voice in 2020 (listen here)

– ‘Sleeping Beauty and the Mechanical Jungle’, edited by Victoria Seymour, published in 2017 (Available for purchase here)

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“While I liked many of the stories [from Danse Macabre] a great deal Opal Edgar’s “Elegy for a Crow” stood out in intensity and horrific effects. It made me really think about what would happened if death did not come but life still tumbled through its miseries and accidents.” Colleen Anderson, Editor for ChiZine

“I very much love “Elegy for a Crow”. Such an exquisite tale.” Nancy Kilpatrick, winner of the Arthur Ellis Award

“This is beautiful. Opal really captured the claustrophobic feeling of hopelessness and personifying loneliness as a slug is such a wonderful idea. I especially like the lyrical quality of her language. I’m so glad I can include her in my anthology.” Kate Jonez, fantasy and horror author

“(Crawling the Insect Life by Opal Edgar) A Creepy taxidermist finally set free of his cumbersome emotions. Sure to have you checking you pillows before you go to bed 4★’s” Review on Goodread


– Interview by Erin Underwood on Underwords Press, 2012 (Read here)

– Interview by Bitten by Books, 2012 (Read here)

– Live 1h interview by Ollia Georges on Happy Hour with Ollia, idFM 98.0FM – Radio Enghien, 2011 (Listen to the podcast here)

Tosho is Dead came out this month, the first of the Power Thief trilogy. My other two books are coming out soon, dates to come.

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