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There is so much I still want to share, so many already written stories ready to be organised, drafts wanting to be properly edited, ideas waiting to be set to paper. In the meantime here are a few of my work you can enjoy freely, please don’t forget to comment and like. This is always so appreciated!

Execution under the midday moon

In a medieval fantasy world, Lelio just wants to walk home, but the path is blocked by a public execution…

This is for all the people who love to listen to their stories. I was fortunate enough to have my tale read by the talented aspiring actor Grayska Voice, enjoy the Youtube audio!

When ancients Gods rise

Who doesn’t fall head over heel for Lovecraft? Follow Gloria and Darrell, an odd couple ready to risk their lives to stop an ancient god from rising to eat the world.

Disclaimer, this is pure fan fiction throwing a literary veil over a game session report. I never tried myself at such an exercise and had a lot of fun doing it, hope you enjoy reading it too.

Kitchen life for the greater good

Want more fantasy? Something fun that plays with tropes? Something from the forgotten kitchens of a dungeon? Find out how to feed an Orc and so much more by reading this story…

This story was fist published in the free online magazine Aurora Wolf, where you can still read it by clicking above.

And for a free exclusive THREE EERIE HEART BEATS anthology featuring the never published short stories “The witch’s guilt” and “The little mermaid has no soul”, just click below

Sorry, I’m still working on that feature. But it is coming up in the next few month

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