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The Lace Slipper

Born into slavery.

Doomed to despair, disease and early death.

She will fight tooth and claw for freedom, no matter what monster stands in her way.

When 15-year-old slave Saabeth hears of a rich lord throwing a ball to find his future wife, she knows this is her chance to escape the vilest servitude. Lord Gomond is eccentric enough to have invited every marriageable girl of the colony, so why wouldn’t he choose her? From dawn to dusk, she and her twin brother drudge, but as soon as the sun goes down, they spin lace transforming her into a dream vision. They’ll only have one go. But nothing is easy when you are hunting the most desirable party in the New World. Especially not when slaves are going missing, the prettiest girl in town keeps getting in your way, strange numbers of wolves howl on the perimeter of town, and the whispering calls for a witch hunt is thrumming in the air of this blessed year of 1640. Saabeth is determined, but Lord Gomond might be hiding one of two blood-curdling secrets up his sleeve.

Will Saabeth get her happily ever after? And at what cost?

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