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Below you will find the list of my published works, all available electronically, some in traditional print too.

Book 1 in the Power Thief trilogy

What if after being murdered you don’t land in heaven? What if the other dead want to eat you? What if someone is plotting to erase you?

For all the fans of Young Adult Adventure Fantasy, Tosho is Dead is a must!

Short Story retailing

Love dark fairy tales? Can’t get enough SF? Need more mechas in your life? Leap on this story!

High fantasy short story

Want more fantasy? Something fun that plays with tropes? Something from the forgotten kitchens of a dungeon? Find out how to feed an Orc and so much more by reading this story…

Crawling the Insect Life

Detritus is a fantasy anthology about the impulse to collect, preserve, and display gone horribly wrong… in my story you will find an entomology hobbyist literally smothered by his loneliness.

Elegy for a Crow

In this anthology you will find twenty-three literary Encounters With the Reaper from famous writers such as
Brian Lumley, Tanith Lee, Tom Piccirilli and myself… In “Elegy for a Crow” you will meet a young Japanese woman ready for anything to save her sister from suicide.

Agony of Lost Souls

Journey through time and imagination where no creature is too formidable an opponent, no dilemma too tall an obstacle to scale… Let loose the hero within you. In this anthology find my SF story at the end of the universe, at the very source of eternal life heroes quest to find.

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