A boy who dreams of brighter futures finds a world in need of a hero.

The afterlife is just his beginning

Voice from the Dead

After being killed by bullies at 16, Tosho collides with a mind-bending afterlife that’s gripped in a battle for leadership of the dead.

But while a vibrant resistance group of teens welcomes him with open arms, someone in the afterworld wants him gone. Someone with a monster of a grudge is set on taking their revenge and devouring him down to utter oblivion.

Pursued from one end of the afterworld to the other, the trap closes in. Barely escaping the gnashing jaws of the nightmares hunting him, Tosho must figure out who wants him gone, or his new friends will become victims once again.

“ I can honestly say that I’ve never read anything quite like it. I look forward to the second book. ”

Rosetta Overman, writer of the Games of Gods series


“If Tim Burton told the story of What Dreams May Come, you’d probably end up with something similar to Voice from the Dead. The story moves at a very fast pace. Very clever.”

Kevin Carlin, writer of The Pacifists


“I HAD to know what Tosho’s fate was going to be!”

K.T. Munson, writer of The Sixth Gate series

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Voice from the Dead

A Thrilling Young Adult Portal Fantasy.

SPFBO review

A genuinely enjoyable story, fast-paced intriguing spin on purgatory, characters full of personality, each one wielding its own unmistakable voice. But with the status quo crumbling, does Tosho have time to figure out who is behind the dangerous schemes?

The Critiquing Chemist, SPFBO writing competition judge

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