Radio interview

Just recently I was sorting through all my emails. My google account was maxed, it’s crazy how fast pictures take all the space available! And I fell nose to nose with my interview photos from Ollia’s show. I was so surprised. I had forgotten their existence altogether. I mean it, I have no memories of ever posing for them – and I’m not exactly an extrovert. That type of thing is awkward for me. I take pictures, not the other way around. But now, I’m glad to see them.

Ollia is such a wonderful host, so full of positive and kind energy. She really has a knack to making even the most antisocial person, take me for example, comfortable. I love her genuine curiosity and talked to her so naturally I was surprised. I find conversations so demanding in normal times that I was truly shocked… afterwards.


Ollia is a very talented interviewer and I thank her for believing in me and giving someone who was just starting out a chance.  I got to explain where I came from, analyse my motives and work, talk about my aspirations and vision…

Do listen to the interview!


It was quite some time ago, 9 years already and many things have happened and changed. My writing philosophy has taken more shape, what I want to achieve has come into sharper focus and my skills have improved. But this felt like the first moment someone viewed me as a writer, and that little moment of confirmation was so elating.

Have you every felt like you needed confirmation sometimes?

I do hope you had someone as wonderful as Ollia to make you shine.

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