Impulsive half-vampire on a mission, Karolina Dalca by M. R. Noble

Karolina Dalca by MR Noble is a new adult vampire paranormal mystery. I always had a thing for vampire fiction and have gorged on them ever since I was a teen… pun intended. That makes for a lot of vampire books of all time periods, genre and feel, and I must admit I am hard to surprise now, especially after reading splatter punk from the 80s. But it had been a while and the book was compared to Rachel Morgan which I just loved. The end of the series left such a hole, yes even now, years later, so I immediately snached the opportunity to read this one. 

I can see the connections, the heart of gold heroine, too impulsive for her own good, never listening to anyone, always plunging to the rescue of others without thought or plans… yep that rings a bell. There is a lot of action, twists and revelations. I’m sure it will entertain a lot of people.

But I must admit I liked the complexity of Rachel Morgan. The futuristic, post pandemic world was unusual and gave everything an interesting complexity. The relationships were complicated, the characters were less obvious. I should not be comparing books, the author is not responsible for the comparisons of others, but it would not come out of my head. I think this is really an audience problem. It really felt like something meant for new adults and I’m sure uni students will greatly enjoy it, the book is well written and the fast pace is justified, the plot is good. I just found the main character too immature. I didn’t like her much, but hopefully she grows in the series and that should also be a source of enjoyment for the readers. I also liked that the romance was only secondary to the plot, because too many paranormal books have become romance first and anything else second.

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